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What's IMER?


About Us:


We are an agency dedicated to the attention of couples with fertility problems. Made up of a team of qualified professionals dedicated to the comprehensive study of health for women, we offer highly specialized areas in the study diagnosis and treatment for the care that our patients require. We provide support to our colleagues who need to carry out their patients in the design of giving life. We started our work in the city of Guanajuato, having great success with our procedures and we saw the need to enter other states getting benefits to more people giving opening to Guadalajara and Aguascalientes, then began medical activities in the city of Tijuana, B . C. Shortly begin in the new points which we will disclose them with opportunity.



In our institution we have advanced technology in the area of assisted reproduction, such as: Intrauterina insemination, in vitro fertilization, ICSI, Ovodonación and Genetic Counseling and Perinatal Medicine. In addition, we have complete Gynecological Endoscopy Unit, which allows us to manage Laparoscopic Diagnostic, Basic and Advanced Surgical and Diagnostic and Surgical Histeroscopía same.


Our Mission:


To contribute to the pair to complete the dream of designing parenting through counseling, diagnosis and treatment according to the problem of infertility in each case by a team of specialists from high-level, quality, ethics and human great sense through medical training continues to meet our social order to transmit life. Our philosophy: Provide quality services, warmth and humane treatment to our patients, as well as the Physicians who rely on us to unite in a common purpose to transmit life.


Our Values:


* Respect for life

* Honesty

* Ethics

* Loyalty

* Teamwork



Clinica de Fertilidad en Tijuana

Clinica de Fertilidad en Tijuana Centro De Fertilidad - IMER

Clinica de Fertilidad en Tijuana